I am a Doctor

All power in Heaven and earth have been given to me, sotherefore go into all nations, baptize them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. He gave all power to cast out demon and to heal the sick.

Healing is a reality issue in the land of Israel. Under the law of God, healing is real and under the grace given by God through Jesus Christ of Nazareth healing is assured. There is healing through the blood of Jesus Christ. Settle the equation in your mind through His divine power that nothing can contradict the facts of His healing power. Believe that He is able to heal you and you will be healed instantly. Forget about the report from your doctor that you cannot conceive or walk again. God your healer is your maker and is ready to restore your lost hope. Millions of people were healed in the land of Israel. They recognized God as the great healer who is able to heal all manner of diseases. You will never die of your diseases if you can recognize Jesus the son of God as a great healer. Remember He came to Earth to seek for you and I so that He can save us from the ferocious beast. God cannot deny the facts of His capabilities in healing us. He is not a man and so would not lie. Trust Him and as many that came to Him for healing. You are among those that need healing. Who says you are not included? Tradition and religion are not only a barrier to your healing, but also a barrier to obtaining your salvation through Jesus Christ. If these two things deny your belief in Jesus, you will be denied healing through Jesus Christ. You are expected to believe in the ministry of Jesus and in His healing power and you will receive healing without any human techniques.

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