I am a Doctor

Jesus is the great healer of all time. You may miss more if your concern about divine healing is not positive. Jesus Christ came for your sake that you might have it abundance life.
Do not lose hope about your present predicament. You have tried all means of receiving healing but it seems abortive. Your miracle is still on the way. Are you lying on the sick bed? After Jesus touch mother of Peter in her sick bed, she received her healing immediately.
There are stuborn cases with different doctor’s report. Some people have been condemned in the hospital that they cannot be healed. Jesus Christ is ready to heal anyone that come to Him for deliverance. Jesus Christ is the great healer and saviour of all time.
Have you lost hope about your tomorrow? Do not lose hope, your destiny changer is so close to your doorstep. Can you admit that you are a great sinner? If yes, your miracle is now. Some people might say, I am not a sinner. Jesus will heal you as well because He realy want you to receive your salvation through Him. He loves everyone equally. John 3:16


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